A Social Gospel


By: Scott D. Crawford

A Social Gospel
** Some have begun to preach and teach that the gospel is something that must be __________________.
Martin Luther King, Jr. … Gandhi … both taught a form of _________________ theology.
One negative stream that has grown out of this is called _________________ theology.
Worse now are those that are trying to force the views of our society upon the _______________ in such a way as to change the message of the ____________________.
** The gospel is _______________ by default.
The gospel is not ______________ to only a select few.
Matthew 12:50 – “For whosoever does the ____________ of my Father … is My brother and sister and mother.”
We must interact with ________________ to spread the gospel.
John 4:35 – “… lift up your eyes and look at the ______________, for they are already white for __________________.”
Once in the gospel – the ________________ context becomes one of ________________ interaction with our brethren, our __________________.
** There is too much of letting society ________________ what the gospel says, and the only way that will change is to speak up and tell people the _______________.